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Loss of privacy is an unfortunate reality in this technologically advanced time. Currently, many companies and individuals retain, collect, and use a person’s data for multiple reasons, both legal and illegal, such as customer data collection, targeted marketing, stealing financial information, hacking, cyberstalking, etc. Much of everyone’s daily lives are lived through digital interaction, including texting, video and photo sharing, social media, and more. We have grown accustomed to maintaining our relationships through the digital world, and as technology continues to expand, our finances, our personal information, medical visits, entertainment, and so on are all becoming digital. As a result of having a prevalent digital presence and having a record of every interaction, we also become vulnerable and allow for intrusion into our lives.

Even if it is by accident or on purpose, it is almost inevitable for others to acquire our personal, intimate, and financial information, to share it and even make a profit from it. As society continues to be shaped by the technological era, so is the law. Cybersecurity breaches are part of any persons’ life who has a digital presence. If you are a victim of cybercrime (fraud, hacking, cyberstalking, etc.), consult with a skilled privacy attorney right away.

Lawyer for Privacy Litigation in Washington

Washington State has multiple data privacy and consumer protection laws. Navigating through the labyrinth of cybersecurity, personal privacy, and data protection laws can be difficult. Protecting your intellectual and intimate property has become more challenging, and people are vulnerable to insurance fraud, having their identity stolen, and more. Regardless of the data protection, we pay for; there is no data security that is impenetrable. Companies, agencies, and individuals who collect, aggregate, and use personally-identifiable information and other data from consumers or other sources are faced with many compliance issues. As our online presence continues to grow, we expect companies and agencies to protect our personal information. Yet global data breaches are extremely common, compromising our valuable data.

If your personally-identifiable information has been compromised, it is essential to consult with an experienced lawyer. At PNW Trial Lawyers, we understand that the technological era has provided us with numerous opportunities, but it has also left us vulnerable. Individuals can have their social security, credit card, or bank account numbers stolen through hacks and data breaches.

At PNW Trial Lawyers, our knowledgeable privacy attorneys can help you in making sure that compromised companies and agencies are held liable for negligence in maintaining your data. If an individual, agency, or entity compromised your confidential information, you will need an experienced data privacy lawyer.

Everyone has a right to privacy. At PNW Trial Lawyers, we are here for our clients; reassure them that the laws are there to provide them with the security they are entitled to and to compensate them when a violation has occurred. If your personally identifiable information was comprised, retaining an experienced attorney is vital.

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Additional Resources

Washington State Cybersecurity OfficeThis agency was founded to protect the state and government from the continuous growth of cyber threats. However, the website also provides information for individuals on tips to stay safe online. The site gives information to individuals about securing their data and eliminating it if they are disposing of their electronics. Lately, selling “smart devices” has been a quick way for people to make money; nevertheless, it is crucial to properly dispose of your confidential information and protect your passwords, financial accounts, social media accounts, and other data. 

Security Breach Legislation – Follow the link to visit the National Conference of State Legislature website. The site provides updated and current information as to what bills, regulations, and laws were adopted per state for cybersecurity protection or violations. It also includes resources for privacy, data/cybersecurity, and computer crimes.