Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one because of another’s carelessness, misconduct, or negligence is devastating. Your loved one didn’t have to die if it wasn’t for that drunk driver, negligent doctor, or careless manufacturer. The person’s life is gone, and the emotional pain persists.

It is incredibly heart wrenching to witness families and individuals in such distress. They attempt to get their lives back on track while assorting through overdue medical bills, funeral expenses, and the loss. Furthermore, the income that was once provided by the victim, is no longer there, leaving the grieving family in a financial strain. When someone dies because of the reckless actions of another person, it is considered a wrongful death. Washington State has a wrongful death law that allows the grieving family the opportunity to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. If you lost someone to a wrongful death action, then you might be able to file a lawsuit. Meet with a lawyer for wrongful death to take a look at your case.

Lawyer for Wrongful Death in Bellingham, Washington

In Washington State, wrongful death claims can be a complicated process; nevertheless, this should not stop you from seeking compensation after being deprived of a loved one. In such a difficult time, it is crucial to have someone on your side. The assistance of a wrongful death attorney can be invaluable at such hard and agonizing times.

At PNW Trial Lawyers, we take time with our clients, consult with them, help them, and get to know them. Adequate and fair compensation for your loss is important to us. We understand that your loved one will not come back; however, our attorneys will try our best and pursue the most favorable outcome. Our clients and their families are dear to us.

Our clients are individuals who are currently suffering because they lost a spouse, a parent, or a child. We understand that you must be facing financial difficulties as you sort through your life and try to pick up the pieces. Our wrongful death attorneys can help you. If your loved one died because of another’s’ carelessness, consult with one of our wrongful death attorneys at PNW Trial Lawyers. We serve clients in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Everett, and in the surrounding areas of Snohomish, Skagit, or Whatcom counties. Let our team represent you, fight for you, and seek fair compensation for you. Contact us at (360) 483-5201 for a free consultation.

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Additional Resources

Senate Bill 5163 – The Washington State Legislature has enacted Substitute Senate Bill (SSB) 5163. The Bill is meant to address claims of wrongful injury or death; it has expanded the categories of people who are qualified to claim wrongful death and the compensation they can recover. For instance, parents and siblings may recover damages regardless if they reside in the United States or if they are dependent on the deceased.

Safe Crossing Foundation – Follow the link to learn more about the foundation and their thirty (30) years of service, helping children cope with grief. They are located in Seattle, Washington, and provide a multitude of services and programs for adults, children, and teens. Safe Crossing Foundation also provides grief support and education for adults and children in Snohomish county.

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Attorney for Wrongful Death in Whatcom County, Washington

You try to pick up the pieces and regain your composure to continue with the loss and the life that you still have to live. The extreme pain left behind from a loved one is hard. If the person left behind a child, stepchild, spouse, sibling, domestic partner, or a parent who was dependent on the deceased, the damages are not just financial. It includes the loss of love, companionship, and guidance. Families are entitled to compensation after the death of a loved one due to someone else’s neglect or criminal behavior. The financial implications and emotional pain following the death of a loved one can be crippling. During trying times, it is crucial to seek help.

At PNW Trial Lawyers, our attorneys are experienced professionals who are here to help you in securing the fullest extent of the compensation you are entitled to. Wrongful death claims are time-sensitive. Not all cases are the same, and although some cases might be relatively simple and can be resolved quickly, that is not the case for all. Some cases are complex and require extensive preparation; in such time-sensitive claims, it is vital to consult with a wrongful death attorney. It is imperative to obtain an experienced wrongful death lawyer, that has the knowledge, skills, and compassion to assist you in your claim. Our attorneys will not hesitate to represent you and will strive to make sure you are fairly compensated.

If a family member or a loved one passed away because of the misconduct or negligence of another, contact us immediately at (360) 483-5201 for a free consultation. We are here for you and with you during this crucial time. Our wrongful death attorneys serve clients in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Everett, and in the surrounding areas of Snohomish County, Skagit County, and Whatcom County.